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Overcome Depression
Finding Your Life Purpose
Gambling Problem and Addiction

Welcome to My Online School          Online Courses

Are you struggling with life at the moment? Is it hard to pull yourself out of bed in the mornings ? you feel hopeless or simply feel stuck?

Are you suffering from depression?


Do you have a gambling problem?

Do you  need some help finding your life purpose?

I created these online courses to help you find solutions to the above problems. My recommendation, however, for greater results and transformation is through counselling or coaching. Nothing can replace the kind of transformation you can have with the personal approach of one to one counselling or coaching.


If you aren't ready for counselling then these courses are great to start things off. 

After completing one of these courses, don't hesitate to contact me for one on one support. These problems are my specialities because I have battled with them myself. I know your pain in each one of these problems. I can help you find real solutions tailored to your personal situation.

From depression to happiness online video course | Chi Phan Seminars and Counselling
From Depression to 
gambling problem online course | Chi Phan Seminars and Counselling
Find your dream job by finding your life purpose | Chi Phan Seminars and Counselling
Chi Phan | Chi Phan Seminars and Counselling
Find your Dream Job
by Finding your life
Chi Phan BA Psychology and Counselling
Hello My name is Chi Phan. Do you need someone who understands what you are going through? not just to listen but to also help you make some real changes in your life?
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Finding your Life Purpose
Are you looking for the meaning of life or your life purpose...
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