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One on One

Life Purpose Coaching

It's time to discover the kind of work that makes your heart sing

It's time to Find your unique 

Life Purpose, so you can live the 

passionate life that you deserve

Your life Purpose is not just another job you may like a little, it is your destiny.  and Finding your destiny is not an easy task.

If you've reached that point where you just don't want to waste any more of your life working in meaningless jobs. You really want to find your passion and you are ready to take on a reasonable challenge. Then work with me one on one, to help you discover where your dreams lie. Life purpose coaching will catapult you into the right direction and give you the answer you are looking for.

There is no faster and powerful route to your life purpose transformation than in doing one on one coaching with me.


When you discover your life purpose it will transform you and your life. It is also something that stays with you for life. When you invest in life purpose coaching you invest in yourself and your future. 

Decide that you are worth investing in.

Life Purpose Coaching Discovery Programme

What it includes:

  • 12 x 50 minute coaching sessions over 3 months. These are normally done over video calls.

  • Take home exercises to help catapult you into your path.

  • Extra support if required. You can  email or message me at any time for advice.

Things we would cover:

  • I will help dissect your life so far to flesh out the key areas that may need resolving of any issues.

  • I will assist you with resolving any blocks that may preventing you from realising your life purpose.

  • Together we will identify the key components of your life to identify your path in life

  • I am committed to helping you find success and discover your life purpose and I will work with you until you achieve this goal.

Success Story

lara Arden

Business promotions coach

" I've discovered my life purpose as a Business promotions coach, and since gaining this realisation, my life has started to gain momentum in new and exciting ways.


Everyday now, I am excited  to be waking up, and thinking what can I do today to help more business owners reach more clients, expand and reach their business goals.


I am grateful to have finally come to this realisation of my life purpose, and new business, that helps me contribute to the world in positive and long-lasting ways.


Thankyou Chi, for your enduring kindness and mentorship. You've become a friend to me for life "



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