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Finding Your Life Purpose-
Life Purpose Breakthrough Workshop!


"Inspiring, humble and authentic. It's all I need for now, Thanks Chi!"

Jenin Bali

Join other students in this live workshop and discover the blueprint to finding your life purpose !


Finding Your Life Purpose

Discover happiness with your life purpose and dream job.

This course shows you everything you need to know about finding your Life Purpose and Dream Job....So You can create more happiness in your life, Excel to your Personal Best and Make your Difference.

This course answers the questions:


​*Why am I here?

*What is the meaning of life?

Hello, my name is Chi, Life Purpose Coach,

here to assist you to find your life purpose or dream job.


In essence when you find your life purpose or dream job, you can live this amazing life doing work that will make a difference and you will achieve your ultimate personal best in life.

"Very engaging course and the content was spot on. Thankyou Chi for such a wonderful course."
Edwin Manigo

How does finding your life purpose change your life?

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  • You can feel motivation and happiness every day because you are doing your dream job or life purpose

  • You can  feel like you make a difference to the world doing your dream job.

  • You can become an influential person that effects other people's lives and the world around you doing your dream job.

What sets this course from other courses?


This course is designed to educate you about finding your own life Purpose based on my own journey of how I found mine. It is a very real, transformational, exciting Journey. 

What will you learn in this course?


1. What is a life Purpose and the origins of a life Purpose.

I will explain in great detail what a life purpose is, Why you have one and where it originates from. I will paint the picture for you so that you are crystal clear on what a life purpose is.

2. You will be given the 3 characteristics of a life purpose which will allow to know when you have actually found your life purpose. I also illustrate these characteristics using real life examples.

3. I give you my blueprint to find your life purpose. These are the 5 steps I created based on how i found my own life purpose

4. I give you knowledge of what to do and expect after your find your life purpose.

5. I share with you my own life Purpose Journey to help you see how all this information comes together in real life. 

"This is the first life purpose perspective that has resonated with me. I felt compelled to leave a review because I know the pain and struggle of finding your life purpose.


This heart based course helps you understand that you do indeed have a purpose. Chi Phan's own personal journey told with courage and grace is inspirational as well. I could relate and hope others will too.


I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants a real, straight forward approach. I know what to look for now. I won't be settling for less with my life anymore."


This course is for you if...


* You are  looking to find your direction in life, your dream job or your life purpose

* You are ready to find work that is more meaningful and rewarding

* You are seeking  to improve your life and live your life to the fullest


"I got so much out of this course. But first, I'd like to congratulate Chi Phan for her courage, authenticity and sincerity. I recommend her course to anyone and everyone. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Aysim Gulden Bickerstaff

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