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Your story could be just as profound as mine

I was just an ordinary person, living my ordinary life and doing my ordinary job... the kind of job that everybody has

But deep down, I questioned if this was all there was to life.


I wanted to know why my life felt so meaningless, at times painful and boring. It didn't matter how many things I bought and or what I had, whether having a nice home, a relationship, good friends and family.... there still seemed to be something missing.

There seemed to be an emptiness in my life and I felt bored with life.


It's Time to Bring Passion into your Life!

Hello, I'm Chi, and I'm a life purpose coach. I help others to discover their life purpose, so they can live their most passionate and fulfilling life.

You can start by learning what this life purpose journey is all about ..and then forging ahead to find yours.

I can help you find that magic spark thats missing in your life.

After struggling so much with my life, from poor self-esteem, to suffering from depression and addiction, I was then fortunate enough to find my life purpose.

Since my profound discovery of my life purpose, I have gone on to finish a degree in Psychology and Counselling, with academic recognition with an international honour society. I am apart of an international best-selling book called "The Prosperity factor".

I set up my own business and now work as a life Purpose Coach, which gives me great joy and is deeply rewarding. I have the privilege to helping others reach their highest potential and strive for their best in life.

The problem I had was I was searching for happiness in all the wrong places. True fulfilment comes from being authentic to who you are and doing what you were born to do.

You have a life purpose, it's there, you just have to find out what it is and execute it.

Your life Purpose is also your one and only true Passion.

The secret to your success and happiness is in discovering your life purpose and executing it.

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