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The Prosperity Factor

International best-seller

over 50 chapters of valuable wisdom

Hello bookworms, inspiration and life purpose seekers!




It's Chi here - your life purpose coach..

....and yes this is me on the cover of a best-selling book. The other guy on the cover is Joe Vitale. You may know him from the doco " The Secret"- a movie about the law of attraction and how it all works.

So on my life purpose journey, I happen to bump into Dan Lok- He's a self- made successful entrepreneur. As a result I was involved in this book project. There are over 50 authors in this book...all living their best lives and sharing their secrets and inspiration. You see, this isn't an easy journey...The journey of life. You will have to overcome some big obstacles. Thats why a book like this comes in handy. On a day where you need a little extra inspiration or some wise words of wisdom...dig into a story or a chapter and know that there are others who are more than happy to share with you how they got through it all...

So in this book you can read all about my life purpose story. My struggles and my transformation...

 The topics in this book are varied. There are many facets to your life that we are all trying to master. So each chapter touches on one particular facet of life - for example Dan Lok is a master at business building and so his forte is financial and career prosperity. My story is more about following your heart- what i call "mental prosperity". other authors touch on spirituality, emotional, physical health, family and relationships. There is something for everyone in this book.

Remember to always keep investing in your education. Keep growing and learning! 


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