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Depression signs and symptoms:

Your depression checklist

by Chi Phan, Depression Counsellor and Life Purpose Coach

What is depression

Depression is a mood disorder and mental illness that should be taken seriously. It should not to be mistaken for short-term anxiousness or feeling a bit down.

Do I have depression?

This information below is based on information by the medical professional body. It is a good idea to note that although there are guidelines, everyone is different and just because you don't fit into this mould, doesn't mean you don't have depression. As a counsellor, I don't believe in putting people into boxes and diagnosis can be very subjective in nature. Use these notes as a guideline only and if you feel it applies to you, I would suggest you book a session with me or another suitable counsellor to address your problem.

Depression checklist

If you have you have depression you will have indicator 1 and also indicator 2.

*Indicator 1 - Feelings of overwhelming low moods or deep sadness everyday for at least 2 weeks

*Indicator 2 : At least 4 of the following Symptoms below:

*Your depression is affecting your sleep patterns:

         # You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

         # You are sleeping too much  

         # You struggle to get out of bed 


* Loss of appetite or increase of appetite where body weight either goes up or down.

Some people stop eating when are depressed because they lose their appetite and in many cases tend to lose weight. Others increase their food intake, with food often being a source of comfort, and they can put on weight.


* Losing your  zest for life

       # lost your desire to go out

       # lost your desire to talk to friends and family

       #lost your desire to do activities or hobbies that you normally enjoy doing.

*Feelings of  helplessness  or hopelessness

        #Feeling that you can't cope with your job

        # Feeling you can't cope with caring for your kids 

        # Feeling you can't cope with normal everyday duties

* Feelings of being over-drained, tired or lethargic

* Restlessness or Irritability

* Immobilisation or unable to move

*Forgetfulness or having problems making decisions

* Feelings of  worthlessness or excessive guilt 


*Thoughts of suicide or attempts at suicide

      If suicide is on your mind then this is very serious and I strongly advise you to talk to  your counsellor or a crisis care support group such as lifeline

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