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Common symptoms of a Gambling Problem

or gambling Addiction 

What are the symptoms associated with a gambling addiction?

Gambling addictions like all addictions come with common symptoms. What symptoms are typical of this problem?

Building a tolerance to a gambling addiction

It is typical for someone with a gambling addiction to build a tolerance to gambling at some stage. The sense of euphoria experienced during gambling no longer comes with the same level of risk. In order to sustain the euphoria feelings the bets  made need to be increased in order to get the same feelings induced from the addiction. So what started at $10 bets now increases to $20 bets and so on...


Withdrawal mode and depression

When you are not gambling you can now get withdrawals from the addiction. In this period you are no longer getting that rush ignited from the gambling and then go into withdrawal. The withdrawal experiences  in between gambling sprees is usually depression.


What are the Common feelings felt between gambling sprees?


*Anger or Irritability

*Boredom and restlessness

* hopelessness or helplessness

*Thoughts of suicide

Sense of shame and hiding your gambling addiction

​People with gambling addictions often hide their habit. They won't speak about it and try to hide it from others because of the sense of shame  involved when you have an addiction like this.

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