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Gambling Problem or Addiction

By Chi Phan

Why are gambling addictions becoming more common?

Part of the problem lies in that gambling has become apart of our lives. Most cultures allow for gambling to be readily available and also encourage it. Our society being very money orientated and materialistic, as well as the rising cost of living, makes gambling an enticing way to make money. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to many. There are so many ways you can gamble now, from playing at the tables at the casino, pokies, TAB, horse tracks, privately at homes, lotto, scratchies, online, trading on the stock market.

When does a bit of fun gambling become a gambling problem?

Not everyone who gambles has an addiction. However, because of the way gambling games are designed people can develop a gambling addiction quite easily.


A gambling problem or addiction occurs when:


* It gets out of control.


The gambling addiction in a sense starts to control your behaviour. There is a sense of being out of control so you will gamble even when you don’t want to or when you want to stop.


* You become consumed with it.


Being consumed with it means you spend a lot of time gambling or thinking about gambling. When you have money you spend time gambling, and when you don’t have money you can be waiting to get paid or you may be trying to source money so that you can fuel your addiction. For example, you could ask people to lend you money. People like your partner, family members, even your children, or you may hock or sell your things to get money to gamble.


*There is an urge to gamble.


You feel a sense of irritability and restlessness when you are not gambling. This feeling eases when you start gambling again.

Signs that you have a gambling addiction:
  • Skipping work or other events to gamble


  • Spending a lot of your money on gambling


  • Restlessness and irritability between gambling sprees


  • Depression in between gambling sprees


  • Borrowing money to bail you out after losing your money gambling


  • Thinking about gambling a lot

  • Thinking of ways to get money so you can gamble


  • Hocking your belongings


  • Taking money that does not belong to you to gamble


  • Hiding your gambling addiction from others

  • Gambling to the point where you have no money left to pay for living expenses

  • Gambling away your savings or assets such as your business or home.


  • Chasing  money that  has been lost 

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What is the loss created by gambling problems and addictions?

People with gambling addictions have lost :



-money for living expenses such as for rent and food, children’s school money


*relationships, marriages


* time with their kids, friends and family members

* their jobs


* their homes and businesses

*health and well-being


*Develop other psychological conditions such as depression


* Have made attempts for or have committed suicide.


The negative consequences of a gambling addiction are very real and destructive.

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